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Duckpond: An Element of Mystery in Umpteen Samples

Foolishly, thrillingly, proudly, I will spend August performing daily in two shows. One is my solo show, Mabel and Mickey, about which information can be found in the 'Big Projects' section of this website. The other is Duckpond, written by my sketch partner and sometime pal Ciaran Chillingworth. 

So far, we've had one delightful sharing, at Canvas Cafe, the set has been built and varnished, and the cast and crew have spent one weekend in an Oxford satellite village recording nonsense for the soundscapes. It's a truly visionary magic realist romp, as well as being funny as fuck. I'm so excited to be involved in it, and I'm delighted to spend the months until August frolicking with Ciaran in army surplus. 

You can follow the progress of Duckpond here. 

The website:

The Facebook page:

Twitter: @DuckpondBoard

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