Knotted prayer for becoming a witch


the hope of this burning is that you will discover a women

who can bowl their hands to read your water and the charred stones

you brought them as your graces from your burning.

that you’ll be gifted bowls and drink body ink from bowled hands.

a candle, a polyester blindfold, your keep cup of stale stones.

reciting your graces as told by the scroll of your journey.

gifted candles, a blindfold, a small patch of land for you to rewild.

a patch of land you’ll rewild with poached seeds.

poached seeds rewilding blindfolded your patch of land

blindfolded by soil, the heavy roof of soil, the tomb of your seeds

til they burst through at imbolc to the flame-lick of sun

in the east. you become the new witch watching from her boat, on the coast,

eyes away from the abutment of island- she’s alone but she’s

alright- and a pacemaker will grow like a pendant from her breastbone.

she’ll read her own stones. this is where she will encounter

the women, facing outward. the ritual complete.

the witch will bring back to her home out there on the water

some new stories. home-waxed candles. foreign seed-stones.

with these graces may this witch encounter the bowled hope of her, burning.